Life is What YOU Make it

I wanted an adventure.

I wanted to explore.

I wanted to go to Alaska.

I wanted to get lost in the TRUE wilderness, with WILD animals, big and small,

And experience the unworldly bugs (giant mosquitos are no joke) and flowers that were taller than me,

Walk on the spongy moss hummocks and wide open tundra, so far away from the material world,

Feel the icy winds flowing down off the glaciers as they calf off into a nearly frozen, silent bay, where pods of whales pass by and seals sit on the floating ice chunks and gaze back at you with dark beady eyes.

I wanted to experience the northern lights, in real time.

They always seem to go faster on TV, and be brighter in photos.

Therewas so much I experienced that I did not anticipate – the seasons, tundra colors, alpenglow, the extraordinary people that are now my family.

Then I met him, the one they called Stoner (it’s his last name, and yes – that

makes me a future Stoner),

With the big laugh and bigger smile.

And so we ended up here, and there, and a few other places (calling 6 states our home in 4 years – jeez, really?!)

Now we adventure and explore together, and who knows where we will end up next.

We have 120 lb Mastweiler we call Beast or Mr. Wigglesworth.

Beast is my personal trainer and one of OUR main reasons for laughter and love.

We only have so many years, so many days, so many hours.

Wherever we roam, we choose how to spend these times wisely, and with hope that they are full of beauty and joy.

How do you choose to spend your time?