EcoTip: Plastic Bags

🌱I promised more information on how I’ve reduced my physical household garbage to around one bag per month. This is AWESOME and makes me feel SO good, but I’m still making mistakes all the time. It’s definitely a learning process, so here is a short eco tip for the week:

⚠️Plastic Bags…

Most mixed recycling curbside pickup programs do NOT recycle plastic bags. In fact, plastic bags being mixed in, hinders the recycling process significantly. Bags get stuck in the large round compressors and other machinery as they spin, by stretching and clinging. Need a visual? Watch this video…

🌲What do to…

Plastic bags such as your shopping bags, bread bags, and Ziplocs can all be dropped off at most large grocery stores or other retailers (you’ve seen the boxes in the front of the stores). The bags need to be clean and dry. So dump out your breadcrumbs, remove your receipts, and keep them dry.

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EcoTip: One Month and One Bag of Trash

We did it! We went a month without throwing trash out through recycling and composting (and throwing Beast poo bags away at the Bark Park🐾).

This is it!!

First thing I learned, your trash does not smell when you compost.

Also, listen to your smart Aunt Mary’s. They are talented and know what they’re talking about. My beautiful Aunt Mary has been in the recycling and eco business for decades and has learned so much more than the average person ever will. Thank you for being an extremely patient and AMAZING teacher.

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