Natural Makeup Remover Recipe: Plus Top 3 Ways to Promote Healthy Skin 🌹

Lets talk about our skin and how beauty comes from within. A lot of times we are looking for bandaids to fix a quick issue, but we need to look at what is going on inside so we can heal from the inside out.

In my opinion, these are the…

Top 3 Ways to Promote Healthy Skin

#1 Manage stress

This is difficult and I can’t say I’m very good at it, but its something I work on all the time. Stress can affect our skin’s appearance and show us when we are imbalanced. It’s good to shift our awareness and work on managing our stress whether its through breathing techniques like yoga and meditation, exercise, focusing on the positive, or whatever works best for each of us.

#2 Gut Health

Our skin’s appearance is based on the trillions of bacteria that make up our gastrointestinal tract. When these healthy bacteria are out of balance or not present because of a diet high in processed foods or because we were just on antibiotics, it can definitely show up on our skin. Gut health can be particularly relevant when it comes to acne or eczema, which often results when gut imbalances trigger and continue to feed inflammation. Poor gut health can also impact mental health, mood, weight, and just how we feel on a daily basis. There is a ton of information out there to help us improve our gut health. I’m also working on this constantly in paying attention to the foods I eat being as close to a whole food diet as possible. I like to try and eat as many leafy greens and probiotic rich foods while supplementing with probiotics and enzymes.

#3 Counter Free Radicals

We all constantly face free radicals generated from the sun, food, the products we use, and our environments. Using more natural products that don’t contain free radicals and toxic substances has made a huge difference in my skin’s health and appearance.

I’ve eliminated the symptoms of eczema through working on all of this and my overall health. And while I have breakouts like everyone else I feel like I am now in more control of what my skin looks like just by paying attention to all the things that are going into my body and onto my skin.

I’ve already showed you a recipe of what I use for my face wash, here.

I also use a line of toxic free makeup and skin care products that I LOVE!

Finally, I want to show you a quick and inexpensive way to make a makeup remover. It only has 2 ingredients; coconut oil and Lavender essential oil. A lot of you probably already use this simple hack, but give it a try if you haven’t. It will save you loads of money while being simple to make and a healthier option.

When we know better we do better.


  • Coconut Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil


  1. Add coconut oil to a jar or container.
  2. Mix in a few drops of Lavender essential oil.
  3. Apply a very small amount to the places you’d like to remove makeup.
  4. Rub softly in a circular motion.
  5. Rinse with or without a warm damp cloth and your favorite facial cleanser.

Watch a Video:

To show you how easy this makeup remover is to make, watch a short video of me making it on Facebook or YouTube.

Ditch and Switch:

There are so many healthy benefits from making the switch and using the natural ingredients used in this simple recipe. You are going to save loads of money this way. And you won’t be exposing yourself, family, or furry friends to the toxic chemicals that are in your pricey, conventional personal care products.

I’m so glad I’m able to share my wellness journey with you, one recipe or testimonial at a time. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions, and how I can continue to help!

How to get started?

If you want to know how I got started using essential oils to increase my overall wellness or how you can improve your own wellness journey, start here.

Wishing you Healthy and Happy Trails…


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